Communication and interaction are the essence and crucial
for peaceful and wholesome coexistence. When
communication is scarce or lacking, the relationship
becomes fragile and often breaks easily as a glass, which
always leaves its footprints. People build walls to mark
territories or to emphasize the distance from those who we
do not interact with, or those who prevent the harmony within
the territory. Walls have always and still are inherent from
our past. There are system walls, bureaucratic walls,
territorial, segregation, esthetic, architectural walls and even
psychological walls. To give the idea of hardship, acuity,
fear, bleeding, pain and leaving, people put the crown of a
glass on the wall composed by the broken glasses, bottles,
and glass windows. Under the royal primacy within that
territory, the fragility and the sharpness of each piece of the
broken glass creates a kind of harmony that becomes as a
warning to prevent the others to cross the wall. These walls
in every instance of their creation show the fragility of human
relationship. Fragility that takes thousands of forms without
losing the origin of the substance itself.
installation, Glass,



The project on the wall comes as an act of
making more visible some part of Albanian culture
when it comes coexistence and interaction,
how ordinary people use glass as a tool
to protect their territories. Bringing this installation
in today’s where these walls with the glass
crown still exist and we can find it in different
part of Albania, I want to provoke people’s
perception, open a discussion


Instalation :
Glass, wood, Plegsiglass, led light
Dimension :
Width 212 cm / Height 193 cm / Depth 90 cm

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